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Welcome to Extraplicity

Turtle Reflected
Arizona Sunset Antelope Canyon

About Our Products and Services

Visit our Store. We sell prints, apparel, and other products of our award-winning Arizona photography, and our digital landscapes, fractals, and abstracts.

We offer design services for web sites, and are available for commissions in photography. We also offer design services for graphics using programs such as Ultrafractal, Xenodream, Bryce, Terragen, Vue d'Esprit, Spiralizer, World Machine, and Paint Shop Pro. We have a large stock of photographs available for your needs. We have available some unusual design capabilities as well. If you have unusual requirements, please contact us for discussion. This web site contains original copyright JavaScript code. In order to view the large images in the galleries, your browser must have JavaScript enabled. The large images will appear in a separate window, but when the up arrow is clicked, the window automatically closes. This keeps your thumbnail page loaded for quick reference.

We specialize in Arizona and nature photography, but are available on a limited basis for travel to other parts of the world. We provide electronic delivery of images. The galleries contain notes on the scenic sites in Arizona which we have photographed, as well as ethnobotanical and naturalist information on plants and animals. We strive in our photography to present beautiful images which are nevertheless clear for scientific purposes. We make it a point to learn about the species we photograph.

Our philosophy of web design is centered on functionality and simplicity. We take into account what the average web surfer will welcome in a web site, including a clean look, artistic graphics, a site that can be viewed in any browser with any window size, and a site that is reliable and easy to navigate. We don't use technologies with a large download time. Your visitors will get to the meat of your site quickly. All of our designs are hand-coded. We believe in letting clients take an active role in choosing the look of the site. We have rigorous testing, and make sure all links work, including links to graphics images. For more detailed information on design issues and philosophy, please see the Designers page.


We have a business relationship with a small company that does ad-free web hosting for a reasonable monthly price, with unlimited disk space. This company provides personal attention to all of its clients.

Pat Goltz is also available for hire as a naturalist on hikes in parts of southern Arizona. The Plants section of this web site gives a sample of information from the study of ethnobotany, or the study of what various cultures did with plants, how they were used. Ms. Goltz presents some of this information on hikes, to fellow hikers, identifying various plants that are seen and discussing their uses. She can also talk about the animals of a region. For the past several years, she has also become a birding enthusiast, so she can now identify many of the birds.

For a more comprehensive list of the contents of this web site, please see the Site Map. The Privacy Policy is on the Contact page.

All original images and JavaScript on this web site are copyright 1999-2005 by the originators. "Extraplicity" is our trademark.

Soli Deo Gloria

This site is viewable in Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, and Opera. In compliance with COPPA, this web site does not collect information from people under the age of 13.


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