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The picture on the right is of Antelope Canyon, located in northern Arizona. It was nominated to the International Color Awards and received Daily Deviation on deviantART. Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon, which is a narrow canyon carved out of sandstone by rushing waters during the monsoon season in late summer. Sunlight only enters the canyon during the warmer half of the year, and only for a few minutes during the middle of the day. To get rays like these, there has to be sand or dust in the air. The day I took this, it was very windy, which partly explains the brilliance of the rays.

About the scenic locations and animals of Arizona
About the plants of the Sonoran Desert
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Unfortunately, I'm behind updating my gallery here. In the meantime, however, you can usually see my newest work here: patgoltz.deviantart.com

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Guest Galleries

Ray Rasmussen

Gallery 1 Wildflowers of the Canadian Rockies
     Visit Ray Rasmussen's web site.


Pat Goltz


Showcase Galleries
Gallery 1 Birds
Gallery 2 Birds
Gallery 3 Birds
Gallery 4 Birds
Gallery 5 Animals
Gallery 6 Animals
Gallery 7 Insects, mostly
Gallery 8 Insects
Gallery 9 Plants
Gallery 10 Plants
Gallery 11 Plants
Gallery 12 Plants
Gallery 13 Plants
Gallery 14 Clouds and Sunsets
Gallery 15 Clouds and Sunsets
Gallery 16 Arizona winter
Gallery 17 Arcosanti
Gallery 18 Sunset Crater
Gallery 19 Red Sedona hills
Gallery 20 Sedona
Gallery 21 Creative Photos
Gallery 22 Rocks and Shells
Gallery 23 Water and Wood
Gallery 24 The Hand of Man
Gallery 25 The Hand of Man
Gallery 26 Abstracts
Gallery 27 Grand Canyon from the Air
Gallery 28 Grand Canyon
Gallery 29 Grand Canyon
Gallery 30 Petrified Forest
Gallery 31 Antelope Canyon
Gallery 32 Antelope Canyon
Gallery 33 Sonoran Desert Birds New!

Maribeth Terry

Gallery 1 Animals
Gallery 2 Clouds
Gallery 3 Plants
Gallery 4 Plants
Gallery 5 Ruins
Gallery 6 Arcosanti
Gallery 7 Sedona
Gallery 8 Southern Arizona
Gallery 9 Northern Arizona
Gallery 10 Antelope Canyon
Gallery 11 Sonoran Desert Birds


Pat Goltz

Digital Art

Gallery A Bryce
Gallery B Mixed Media
Gallery C Paint Shop Pro
Gallery D Paint Shop Pro
Gallery E Paint Shop Pro
Gallery F Terragen
Gallery G Terragen
Gallery H Ultrafractal
Gallery I Ultrafractal
Gallery J Ultrafractal
Gallery K Xenodream
Gallery L Xenodream two stereograms
Gallery M Apophysis (large files)
Gallery N Apophysis (large files)
Gallery O Apophysis (large files)
Gallery P Apophysis (large files)
Gallery Q Terragen (large files)
Gallery R Terragen (large files)
Gallery S Terragen (large files)
Gallery T Terragen (large files)
Gallery U Terragen (large files)
Gallery V Terragen (large files) New!
Gallery W Terragen (large files) New!
Gallery X Terragen (large files) New!



"The presence of the FoundView checkmark on this page guarantees that every photograph on this site depicts the forms and shapes that the camera recorded the moment the shutter was clicked, no more, and no less. Any post-shutter manipulations were limited to tonal variations; no one involved in producing the photographs moved, added, deleted (except by cropping), or otherwise altered any forms or shapes in the photographs after the shutter was clicked." To view the Foundview guidelines and obtain additional information, just click on the logo.

All original images are copyright 1999-2005, by Pat Goltz, Maribeth Terry, and Ray Rasmussen, respectively.

Thank you to eponce, Zazie, LutzB, choronr, Grosch, turx, 1pearl, Dotthy, prutzworks, hillrunner, christianfly, Jean-Pierre, joshus hund, and many others for their help and encouragement.

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