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Pat Goltz - Pat has a bachelor's degree in art. She has been pursuing photography seriously for the past five years. She lives in southern Arizona and specializes in photography of the deserts and mountains, including their scenery, clouds, animals and plants, rocks, wood, and water. Her vision includes showing the forms and textures, the pure abstract of nature, and presenting God's beauty to the world, making it accessible to everyone, even those who cannot go see for themselves.

Maribeth Terry - Maribeth is a Renaissance craftswoman with her own small business in Tucson, Arizona, called "Hummer's Sky". She specializes in turquoise custom jewelry, ceramics, artwork, photography and imports. Hummingbirds in any form are her passion. She is bilingual, and works hard at living each day to the fullest. People and nature are her priorities.

Becky Rubke - Becky is a native Texan, but now after 30+ moves resides in Tennessee. One of her loves is photography and she has photos from many areas of the US and Europe. She also works with genealogy and photo preservation. She will be undertaking a new hobby now of making mosaics. Pictures will appear of her work as she completes it.

John Goltz - John is the founder of CompuServe. He made the first templates for my personal site, and designed the javascript for this site. Currently, he is doing custom work under his own operating system, XOS. For more information, see the Products & Services page.